Madden NFL 21 – 99-Rated Gridiron Footballers to Buy! (Part 1)

Madden NFL 21 – 99-Rated Gridiron Footballers to Buy! (Part 1)

In Madden NFL 21, you can find hundreds of different top-tier player cards to choose from throughout your current exploits in this year’s Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) mode.

However, if you have enough MUT coins to spend, investing them in the best footballers (literally the highest-rated players in the game!) will surely make the effort worthwhile instead of opting for a cheaper alternative.

Here are some top-of-the-line player cards which you should definitely check out in the game’s Auction House (in no particular order):


  1. Drew Brees, QB (New Orleans Saints, M21 Tribute): OVR 99

– The former American footballer was a massive beast during his time with New Orleans Saints, picking up awards like the NFL Offensive Player of the Year, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, and Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year accolades to name a few.

– Possessing outstanding intelligence to produce remarkable yard-passes to teammates, Brees showcases his top talent as a master Quarterback (QB) with elite passing attributes in the game.

  • Short Throw Accuracy, AC (Passing): 99
  • Medium Throw Accuracy, MAC (Passing): 99
  • Throw Under Pressure, TUP (Passing): 98
  • Play Action, PAC (Passing): 97
  • Deep Throw Accuracy, DAC (Passing): 97
  • Throw Power, THP (Passing): 95
  • Antonio Gibson, HB (Washington Football Team, Team Masters): OVR 99
  • – At 22 years of age, the American elite prodigy is amongst the best of the best in NFL, with unbelievable pace and ball-carrying abilities to share on the field.

    – Expect some outstanding achievements coming from this talented Halfback in the coming years!

    • Acceleration, ACC (General): 98
    • Juke Move, JKM (Ball Carrier): 98
    • Speed, SPD (General): 97
    • Change of Direction, COD (Ball Carrier): 96
    • Carrying, CAR (Ball Carrier): 96
    • Agility, AGI (General): 95
  • Joe Burrow, QB (Cincinnati Bengals, Team Masters): OVR 99
  • – Joe Burrow is another exciting talent rising through the elite ranks as a respectable Quarterback leader on the field.

    – Although he is undoubtedly a world-class passer in gridiron football, he supplements his extraordinary plays by being able to run through the opposition formations himself, catching many players off-guard with his unpredictability.

    • Short Throw Accuracy, SAC (Passing): 99
    • Deep Throw Accuracy, DAC (Passing): 98
    • Throw on the Run, RUN (Passing): 98
    • Throw Power, THP (Passing): 97
    • Throw Under Pressure, TUP (Passing): 97
    • Medium Throw Accuracy, MAC (Passing): 96
  • Josh Jacobs, HB (Las Vegas Raiders, Team Masters): OVR 99
  • – Josh Jacobs is also a rival Halfback on this list, capable of reaching top speed with the ball in tow quickly to leave opponents behind in his tracks.

    – Utilizing his relatively short stature to good use, sprinting through the flanks to position himself firmly for team passes seem routine for him in the game.

    • Carrying, CAR (Ball Carrier): 99
    • Break Tackle, BTK (Ball Carrier): 98
    • Trucking, TRK (Ball Carrier): 97
    • Acceleration, ACC (General): 97
    • Stiff Arm, SFA (Ball Carrier): 96
    • Speed, SPD (General): 95
  • Emmanuel Ogbah, LE (Miami Dolphins, Team Masters): OVR 99
  • – The tall and hulky Nigerian-American footballer is an extraordinary End player for any MUT in the game.

    – Although his physical prowess is already naturally exceptional, it is his surprising pace and acceleration which come together to make him the complete package that usually disrupts opposition plays which look to underestimate his speed on the yards.

    • Pursuit, PUR (Run Defence): 99
    • Tackle, TAK (Run Defence): 99
    • Hit Power, POW (Run Defence): 98
    • Power Moves, PMV (Pass Rush): 98
    • Awareness, AWA (General): 97
    • Play Recognition, PRC (General): 97

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