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She convinces him, and Lelouch summarily halts his rebellion until he abruptly loses control of his Geass while jokingly telling her to kill all the Japanese. Blaming himself, a resolute Lelouch decides to salvage the state of affairs by declaring Euphemia’s SAZOJ a entice to lure out the Black Knights and commands his troops to defeat the Britannia forces, protect the Japanese, and kill Euphemia. Quickly, the entirety of Space eleven revolts in opposition to the Britannian Empire, and the black knights boost in the direction of the Tokyo Settlement. The Black Knights can push the Britannian Army back and use Ashford Academy as their headquarters. The Britannian Military fights again against the Kyūshū invaders with the Lancelot. Elsewhere, the exiled Japanese government from seven years in the past launches a full-scale assault on Kyūshū with the assistance of the Chinese language Federation.

Gawain to recharge the Lancelot; the 2 nightmares quit the kyūshū marketing campaign collectively. Meanwhile, Nina meets Princess Euphemia and inadvertently provides Euphemia peace of mind about her feelings for Suzaku. In the meantime, Zero announced his plan to overthrow Britannia and create a new nation known as the United States of Japan. On reside tv, she pronounces her plan to turn the realm around Mount Fuji to turn into a Specially Administrated Zone of Japan SAZOJ, the place Elevens may be known as Japanese again. Mobile Swimsuit Gundam SEED Destiny was first introduced in July 2004 in Japanese magazines. Throughout the commemoration ceremony for the SAZOJ, Lelouch and Euphemia privately talked about Japan’s future. The Geass-influenced Euphemia orders a massacre of the individuals attending the ceremony.

Suzaku witnesses the taking pictures and brings Euphemia to the Avalon for emergency treatment. Euphemia triggered the massacre. Van talks to Luke later in the afternoon and tells Luke that he will initiate battle if he is to maneuver individuals out of Akzeriuth. Aoyama’s older brother is a scientist who helps him out with the gimmicks in the sequence. Jason Thompson Code Geass Shop describes the series as being a nearly pure battle. The second entry to the collection of character CDs, which includes Lockon Stratos and voice actor Shinichiro Miki, changed into released on September 24, 2008. The music for the second character CD was performed in collaboration with Eijun Suganami and Shinji Matsuda, members of The Again Horn. Ohgi, Villetta, Euphemia, and Kallen all make their separate methods to the occasion, and a collection of close encounters dangers the revealing of their hidden identities.