Watch Romantic Savari Movie Online at Aha OTT: Don’t Be Late Now!

Watch Romantic Savari Movie Online at Aha OTT: Don’t Be Late Now!

All were coming back to normal with their jobs, works, business, and daily schedules from the impact of Covid-19. For many months, all the people are changing and moving to alternate entertainment options online. The aha videos have become popular online, in the Telugu film industry after this Covid-19 situation.

With this kind of generation arises, the youth has preferably wishing to watch love and romantic movies more than other movies. People all like love movies more than action thrillers where they can watch the love and affection between the persons.

Got bored with action movies? Looking to watch love movies online?

Here is the Aha OTT, where you can watch all genres of Tollywood movies, and you can also watch the best Romantic Savari movie at the Aha website.

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  1. Genre: Romantic Movie
  2. Language: Telugu
  3. Format: (streaming online video)
  4. Watchable Devices: The movie is available to watch on supported devices.
  5. Available on: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Android devices, or IOS.
  6. Where to watch online: Aha OTT.

Watch entertainment cum romantic Savari Movie online now!

The entertainment provider cum romantic Savari movie was directed by SaahithMothkur. The film is about the love between two couples and also entertainment.

Coming to the movie story, the actor Nandu is known, Raju. The movie is about Raju, who has a horse named Badshah. His Badshah needs an operation for that purpose. He doesn’t have money. He works night and day to get the money for his Badshah operation. Here enters bhaagi, who is a rich girl and forced by her parents to marry an older man, but she runs out of her house and meets Raju. To know more about movies, watch Savari movies online at the Aha website.

Top Reasons to watch Savari movie online

The Savari movie provides you with entertainment as well as a love movie. The relation between a horse and a man can be known by watching this movie…

Top 6 points to watch Savari movie at Aha website

  1. Savari is a romance and a love-based movie.
  2. The movie explains teenage love.
  3. Not available to watch free online.
  4. It entertains with comedy sceneries
  5. Ads-free latest Telugu movie content.
  6. Not available to stream on TVs everywhere.

Some FAQs should be read before watching Savari movie online

  1. Who directed the movie?

SaahithMothkuri directed the Savari movie.

  1. Is Savari movie available on Aha OTT?

Yes, Savari movie is available on Aha OTT.

  1. Which stars acted in the Savarimovie?


Actress: Priyanka Sharma

Other characters: Shiva Kumar

  1. When did the Savari movie release?

The Savari movie was released on 7th February 2020.

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