Online poker: Do’s and Don’ts


In playing poker online one should give great importance to the insights of the game. As well as giving importance to what one do should, there are some things which are quite a big no-no.


  • Wait for your turn

Making an unusual posture and gesture is a big no-no. You should patiently wait for your turn while being calm and composed. Play only at your turn.

  • Time-keeping is mandatory

Keep in mind, that you should take minimum time to make decisions. Other players could be annoyed by the extra time taken.

  • Playing hands for the sake of playing

Playing with the best hands is mandatory. Keep patience and wait for the luck to click. Do not play if you have a bit of doubt on the cards. Sometimes the players should play with weak cards also. But most preference should be given to high pair cards.

  • Contain your emotions

At the time of winning streak, you should keep your calm. Maintaining a monotonous emotion can give you an edge over other players. They will be unable to know the exact strategy of your game. A pro player always looks for those players who are unable to contain their emotions. This will help themselves to get a hold of your successive hands.


  • Making random movements with chips

Being a showoff by doing cool stuff with chips is not feasible. Other than that, most of the players are not able to keep their chips in a stacked manner. It shows the liss experience and other players get to know that you are a novice.

  • Get rid of weak hands

Getting rid of bad hand immediately is foremost. The weak hands should be immediately get ridden off. Sometimes you can bluff with them also, but do not make this a habit. It will be efficient for not losing money.

  • Being a big mouth

Being engaged in conversation with other players could be a good strategy, but you should avoid it. This might backfires as you want to know the strategy of other players, but being continuously engaged in the conversation can reveal your strategy also.

  • An early show of your cards

Folding or giving away your cards readily, then never toss them away. Throwing the cards, enables other players to know about your strategy, how often you bluff or fold the card, these are much information which should be not disclosed by your actions. Fold or give away your card in an upside manner, for minimal disclosing of your strategy.

  • Bluffing all the time

This is a fundamental way by which a rookie bluffs most of the time. This is certified misconception of newbies to think that maximum times bluffing would enable them to win hands. This is a wrong move as good poker players will catch you and will drain your whole fortune.

Online poker: Do's and Don’ts

There are many more to-do and don’ts for playing gamepokerqq online. But, above are some points which are fundamental and to be done efficiently.

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